Before you purchase parts…

Please read this before you buy parts from us.

At West Coast Differentials we have always supported our wholesale customers by not competing with them. We do not sell parts online, and have never gone out of our way to pursue retail sales. Nonetheless, we do sell parts to retail customers on a will call and mail order basis to those that are capable of installing parts themselves.

That brings us to the point of this post…

If you are planning to have a shop install your parts, we strongly recommend that you have the shop / installer purchase the parts.
Here’s why:
  • Most shops will not provide a warranty on parts you buy elsewhere. This creates a hassle for everyone if the parts fail, not to mention the delay caused when customer provided parts are incorrect or incomplete.
  • The professional mechanics at your local shop can order just the high quality parts they need for your job without paying for extras.
  • Most shops are owner operated family businesses that make a small profit on the parts they sell in order to pay for the tools and equipment needed to install them.

Help keep your local shop in business!